Project Goal

  • Wikipedia is perhaps the most widely used resource of the Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Education and E-Literacy platform on the Web. It is a free, online encyclopaedia with over 5 million articles only in English. India is in second place with 117 million views per day behind the USA 189 million views as of January 2019.

    90% of the people in India who can read in only their native language or Hindi are not able to benefit from this amazing tool for access to knowledge and learning.

    Thus by looking at the above details we understand that the 117 million views are from the 10% of the population and we are abandoning about 90% of the population, who would greatly benefit by having access to the knowledge of a comprehensive encyclopaedia in their own Mother tongue. For example –In Japan, 90% use Japanese Wikipedia but only 5% of Japan’s population uses the English language version.

    1. The primary goal of the project is to enhance Telugu Wikipedia with 4 lakh articles in 2 years with help of building the Community and use Technology enhancements to simplify and ease the use of transliteration tools, create awareness and equip the community.
    2. The second goal of this project is to document the learnings of this project so that they will be helpful for other Indian language Wikipedia communities to adopt and enhance.