Community Outreach

  • Community outreach involves the offering of wiki training, computer literacy, social planning, and support of activities to community residents freely and openly. Outreach is being considered for use as an opportunity for developing new wiki editors.

    We have conducted Wikipedia training session every Saturday in the month of Dec 19Jan, Feb and the First Two of March, that it has been stopped due to lockdown, currently, we are doing online outreach activities, we are in the process of developing partnerships a wide range of institutions like schools, colleges & Like-minded people and NGO to conduct Virtual outreach sessions.

    We have developed & revised training content in Telugu and made this available feely with the public and organized, participated in wiki edit-a-thons to develop the articles. Our current focus will be on the programs that encourage students to write Wikipedia articles as part of their internship.

    We need your help in making collaborative outreach activities, better, and more useful. There's plenty to do. Interested people can join us by contacting us at