Welcome to 2nd Wikimedia Technology Summit

3rd, 4th March 2023

Concept note

‘Our world has changed ‘is a statement that we hear quite often. Our lives through the Covid-19 pandemic have made us repeat and reflect on this particular statement more consciously. While we are aware of the things that have changed, are we also aware of the impact that these changes have brought and continue to bring on our lives?
Efforts that have been made towards ensuring access to accurate, credible information during the pandemic have received accolades and are being heralded as the virtue of an interconnected network (read internet). How did this interconnected network/s (online and offline) come to be developed? Has it always been developed and shaped by large multinational companies? The Internet which was seen and marketed as a place for entertainment, profit-making initiatives, and contentious debates is also being acknowledged for its fight against misinformation, ensuring last mile access, and providing platform/s for underrepresented voices. 
These virtues are either of minimal impact or in their nascent stage of evolution. What is the role of a society that is invested in the internet to develop these capabilities further? What critical questions do we ask of our efforts and collective organizations in shaping an equitable, safe, and rewarding internet. How can our good intentions and actions of providing educational resources, building idealistic ventures, and constructive partnerships navigate the questions of bias, harassment, and nefarious dealings by the powerful? 
2nd Wikimedia Technology Summit aims to bring these questions, have discussions that will build long-lasting partnerships, provide the necessary support for emerging ideas and engage in honest conversations about our limits and possible superpowers that can be used for the greater good. 
We are conducting a Wikimedia hackathon as a pre-event, details of which will be announced soon. 


To be announced (TBA)


To be confirmed (TBC)