Tech Internship for Computer Science students


Wikipedia is the most widely used resource for Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Education and as an E-Literacy platform on the Web. It is a free, online encyclopaedia with approximately 7 million articles only in English. India is in second place with 117 million views per day behind the USA with 189 million views as of January 2019.

90% of the people in India who can read in only their native language or Hindi are not able to benefit from this amazing resource.

Thus by looking at the above details we understand that the 117 million views are from the 10% of the literate population who know English and we are abandoning about 90% of the population, who would greatly benefit by having access to the knowledge of a comprehensive encyclopedia in their own mother tongue. For example – in Japan, 90% use Japanese Wikipedia but only 5% of Japan’s population uses the English language version.

The IndicWiki project by IIIT Hyderabad started with the goal of enhancing the Indian language Wikipedias and has started working on Telugu and Hindi Wikipedias in the first phase.

The goal of the program

Creating intelligent programs for generating Telugu and Hindi content using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language toolkits and openly available structured data sources in a specific domain like Programming languages, Software companies, cities, scientists, BSE companies, hospitals, universities/colleges, Movies, Actors, etc.

This auto generated content will be curated by the human experts to produce a preliminary version of the Wikipedia article. This year Summer internship we are encouraging students proficient in Hindi to join the program to work on Hindi content creation

Who can apply

Computer Science Engineering UG 3rd and 4th year students, MTech and MS students.


1. The students applying need to be proficient in Telugu and English languages (writing and reading skills are a must)
2. The students proficient in Hindi and English can also apply
3. Python programming skills
4. Data interpretation skills

Selection process

The students will be required to take an online screening test that will assess their Python programming skills, English and Telugu/Hindi languages proficiency and Data interpretation aptitude.

Program Structure

2 months (starting May 16 – July 16, 2022) online Internship program starting with a one week boot camp. All interns who successfully completes the program will receive a certificate and a stipend of Rs.10,000.

Application Deadline

30 April, 2022 (last date)